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Best friend for damaged, dehydrated, inflammated, and mature skin.
A non-invasive treatment that helps skin to calm down, regenerate and get all that is needed to be hydrated, smooth, and resistant.

We also can enhance the skin with antioxidants, peptides, and brightening complexes with no discomfort, no downtime, or irritation.

PlasmaMeso also has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects, we love it.
It works for every skin type and does not hurt at all.
  • What is plasma?

    It is the 4th fundamental state of matter and is mostly associated with stars, northern lights, and lighting.
    We use so-called cold plasma (CAP), which is safe and used quiet widely in dermatology.

  • How it works?

    CAP produces the so-called ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), which are very bioactive molecules.
    They can stimulate cell regeneration, boost the immune system of the skin and play an anti-age role on skin cells.

    Cold plasma also can temporarily increase the conductivity of the epidermis promoting transdermal penetration of molecules.
    That is why we call it PlasmaMeso - it is a promising alternative non-invasive treatment to injectional mesotherapy.
    We analyze your skin needs, choose and apply a personalized active serum and help it penetrate deeper into the skin with plasma.

    Plasma stimulates the healing process in case of skin injuries. It also restores the skin function barrier and thus improving skin health and appearance.

  • Why do we love it?

    It is pure scientific magic.
    We can use the PlasmaMeso method literally with every skin type and condition:

    • Acne? - Plasma will reduce inflammation and disinfect the skin surface.

    • Dryness? - We'll enhance active hydrating ingredients deeper into the skin.

    • Redness, wounds, discomfort? - Plasma will stimulate the immune system and healing processes.

    • Mature skin with discoloration and fine lines? - It deals with these issues.

    • Dullness and stressed skin? - It will help.

    PlasmaMeso as a mild CAP treatment has almost no contraindications, it is multipurpose and safe. Huge love. HUGE.

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these are our great results.


We know, that you may have some doubts about if PlasmaMeso fits your needs. So feel free to contact us on WhatsApp and we will be happy to answer your questions.