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ozopeel 03

unique formula reversing the visible effects of damage
This extraordinary blend of AHAs, BHA, and PHAs with Ozonized Oil Sesazone 6000 is perfect for damaged skin with post-acne, discoloration, and aging signs.

Active ingredients:

  • Glycolic acid - the greatest exfoliant, brightens the skin
  • Mandelic acid - treats acne and sun-damage
  • Azelaic acid - reduces inflammation and fades post-acne marks
  • Lactiobionic acid - reduces fine wrinkles and hydrates
  • Pyruvic acid - encourages cell renewal and collagen production
  • Kojic acid - decreases hyperpigmentation
  • Lactic acid - smooths out the skin texture and hydrates
  • Salicylic acid - keeps pores clear and reduces acne
  • Gluconolactone - a powerful antioxidant, that protects the skin barrier

And what makes this peel so special..

  • Ozonized Oil Sesazone 6000 - an excellent s.o.s. active ingredient to help skin regain comfort and well-being. Reduces the signs of aging (fewer wrinkles and less deep), repairs daily damages, and works as a great antioxidant.

these are our beauties.


We know, that you may have some doubts about if Ozopeel O3 fits your needs. So feel free to contact us on WhatsApp and we will be happy to answer your questions.