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vibration that makes a difference
If you'd rather skip invasive treatments like injections and lasers, this facial massage could be the au naturel option for keeping your facial skin and muscles firm and healthy. 
Skin expertise and combination of our unique massage technique deliver great results to stressed, mature skin with wrinkles, fine lines and signs of sagging.

How it works?

The Wave massage uses the main focus of mechanobiology: there are specific links between a physical stimulus and a molecular response, i. e. vibration of certain frequency and amplitude can induce positive changes in tissues and contribute to their development:
  • Improvement in blood circulation
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Decrease in muscle tension
  • Increased production of collagen, tropoelastin, and other proteins significant for skin firmness and elasticity
To achive these and even more effects we've developed
a strict protocol including:
  • Trapezius massage - to reduce stiffness and tension, improve posture and help you to get used to the vibration
  • Lymphatic drainage (face&neck) - to flush excess fluid from the face and reduce puffiness, drain metabolites and relieve any sinus pressure
  • Muscle biostimulation - to relax hyperactive zones (forehead, between the eyes (glabellar region), outer eye corners (crow’s feet), and around the lips) and to tone lower facial muscles.
  • Dermotony - to increase blood microcirculation and provide a proper gas and nutrient exchange between cells. And to make the aging process SLOW DOWN.


Every protocol includes Face&Neck massage, hydration complex, algae mask, hand massage and photoprotection.


An unusual way to relax


Gentle vibration helps to relieve tight tired muscles, increases blood flow, and can allow you to get into a meditative state. The majority of our clients usually fall asleep and that is totally fine.
Safe during pregnancy.


Decreased anxiety, tension relief, and relaxation.
Reduced puffiness, brighter complexion, smooth and plump skin. Rested and fresh look.

1450 CZK
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  • #premature_aging
  • #dullness

plasma WAVE

The best anti-age program


In this protocol, we amplify the positive effects of massage with the PlasmaMeso program. It boosts skin regeneration, enhances skin with active ingredients (antioxidants, peptides, etc.), and stimulates skin barrier functions.
Safe during pregnancy.


Reduced puffiness, dynamic and static wrinkles, fine lines, tension relief, deeply hydrated, smooth, bright, lifted and firmed skin.

2200 CZK
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  • #sagging
  • #wrinkles
  • #dehydration

our wonderful results
immediately after 10th plasma wave treatment


We know, that you may have some doubts about if our WAVE massage fits your needs. So feel free to contact us on WhatsApp and we will be happy to answer your questions.